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Education is the key to breaking the chain of bondage for a better life.

Cycle of Change

What Cultivates Transformation?

Enabling opportunity through education leads to cultivating transformation

Today SEED supports 750+ children in 15 villages, but there are thousands more who need our help
I now have hope because I can give my child an opportunity for a better life

Making an Impact

Through your support, we make it possible for these children to attend our project center, go to school, receive meals, tutoring, school supplies and school uniforms.  Education allows these children to earn a proper living.

Children at risk need a safe environment where they can be protected from predators
We are working on plans for a safe home that will provide a nurturing refuge for those children who are most at risk

Join With Us

We are working to put a stop to this generational cycle of child sex trafficking and enslaved bonded labor.  Let's help these precious children before the abuse begins.

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